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Interested in the history of the darknet? This is our darknet journal, a summary of recent and past events that have taken place on the darknet. Credit goes to, OnionTree, Darknetlive, The Tor Times and Dread for the information on this list. Click an entry to view the source!

Entries with a yellow dash next to them have a clearnet source!

Note about DNS leaks for beginners: Some links in this journal are a Dread link. Without a configuration (on your COMPUTER MACHINE) intended to prevent DNS leaks, clicking one (USING YOUR MOUSE CURSOR TO “TOUCH” ONE) in a normal browser (A BROWSER THAT IS NOT THE TOR BROWSER) could result in the request being sent to your DNS resolver (NOT GOOD).

5th April
Elude Exchange Exit Scams

30th March
Tor Market Announces Temporary Closure

5th March
Dread Relaunches

14th February
AlphaBay Exit Scams

20th January
Kilos Exchange Exit Scams

3rd January
Deutschland im Deep Web Seized


9th June
Tor Network experiences a network-wide DDoS

26th May
VenTor Launched

22nd May
Versus Retires

12th April
Dread Launches I2P Mirror

6th April Shuts Down

5th April
Hydra Market Gets Seized

25th March
World Market Exit Scams

8th March
Archetyp Leaves Dread

7th March
Dread v3 Released

25th February
Dark0de Reborn Exit Scams

16th February
Dread's 4 Year Anniversary

28th January
DeepDotWeb Admin Sentenced to 97 Months in Prison


30th December
Monopoly Market Disappears

23rd December
Cartel Market Disappears

16th December
ToRReZ Market Retires

8th December
Someone is Running Hundreds of Malicious Tor Relays

27th November
Shredd Launched

23rd November
Cannazon Market Retires

19th October
Dread's Search Goes Offline

16th October
Envoy Relaunched

6th October Launched

1st October
White House Market Retires

27th September
Abacus Market Launched

23rd September
Televend is Potentiality Compromised

9th August
NamasteLSD's Private Shop Has Been Seized

7th August
AlphaBay Relaunched

29th July
Secmail Goes Offline Permanently

22nd June
White House and Dark0de Launch Harm Reduction Programs

11th June
Slilpp Has Been Sezied

23rd May
Bohemia Market Launched

5th May
DarkDotFail Regained Control of His Domain

2nd May
Tor is Killing off Support for v2 Onion Services

29th April
DarkDotFail's Domain Got Hijacked

28th April
Aurora Market Exit Scams

18th April
The Unofficial Scam Market, Dread Market, Is Launched

9th April
Big Blue Market Shuts Down and Gives User Data to Law Enforcement

31st March
Incognito Market Launched

13th February
Darknet Avengers Gets Seized

3rd February, a Popular Monero Exchange, is Shutting Down

19th ​​January
Joker's Stash, the Largest Carding Shop, is Shutting Down

14th ​January
Yellow Brick Market is Gone

13th ​​January
DarkMarket Has Been Seized

12th ​January
Tor "Experimental Fix" Might Make Tor Usable Again

9th ​​January
Tor v3 Concensus Attack


29th ​December
White House Market Ends Support for Bitcoin

27th ​December
Neptune Market Disappears

11th ​December
Finnish Authorities Seized Sipulimarket

29th ​November
Tor2Door Market Launched

9th ​November
World Market Launched

5th ​November
Someone Moved $1b in Bitcoins From the Silk Road

2nd ​November
Aurora Market Launched

14th ​October
Cartel Market Launched

9th ​September
The Creator of Imperiya Launched Invictus Market

1st ​September
CipherTrace Provided Feds with "Monero Tracing" Tools

25th ​August
Empire Market Exit Scams

7th ​August
Torum Shuts Down

7th ​August
Feds Did Not Accuse Dark.Fail of a Crime

14th ​July
Neptune Market Launched

10th ​July
Versus Market Gets Hacked

9th July
Czech Police Seize Atlayo

20th June
DarkMarket Launched

14th June
BitBazaar Exit Scams

4th June
Icarus Market Launched

4th June
Envoy is Back Online with Design Overhaul

26th May
End Game's Source Code is Released

25th May
Vice City Market Launched

20th May
Europa Market Exit Scams with Fake Seizure Banner

17th May
Archetyp Market Launched

16th May
DeepSea Market Launched

15th May
Dark0de Market Launched

14th May
Europol Dismantles InfinityBlack Hacking Group

7th May
Avior Market Exit Scams

28th April
Pax Romana Exit Scams

19th April
Tor Project Cuts a Third of Its Staff

13th April
Empire Market Becomes the First Market to Use End Game

25th March
ASAP Market Launched

21st March
Versus Pauses Operations to Audit Security

14th March
Pax Romana Launched

13th March
Child Abuse Site "DarkScandals" Seized by Europol

10th March
Daniel's Hosting is Shutting Down

2nd March
Recon Launched

28th ​February
ToRReZ Market Launched

26th February
Reddit Bans /r/DrugStashes

25th ​February
Europa Market Launched

21st February Starts Serving Phishing Links

20th ​February
BitBazaar Launched

19th February
Apollon Market Started Exit Scamming

18th ​February
PrivCoin Shuts Down, Blames "New and Extensive Regulations"

16th February
Dread's 2 Year Anniversary

12th ​February
Grams Admin Indicted for Money Laundering

4th February
Darkweb Vendors are Blackmailing Customers

4th ​February
Kilos Launches A Bitcoin Mixer

21st ​January
Dark.Fail Releases Tool for Checking Signed Messages

10th ​January
Dread is Migrating to a New Host


31st ​December
Grey Market Exit Scams

12th ​December
Versus Market Launched

11th ​December
Envoy Admin Launches, Imperiya, a Market for Vendor Shops

10th December
China's Biggest Darkweb Market, DeepMix, Shuts Down

5th ​December
The DNSTARS Harm Reduction Forum is Shutting Down

19th ​November
Monero Project Served Infected Binaries for 35 Minutes

17th ​November
Dread to Return with Fixes and Some Data Loss

15th ​November
Kilos Launched

14th ​November
Cryptonia Market is Shutting Down

14th ​November
The Admin of SamSara Market is Gone

10th ​November
The Darknet Collective is Formed, Markets Join Forces to Prevent Scams

7th ​November
Italian Authorities Seized Berlusconi Market

30th ​October
Dark.Fail Introduces New Guidelines for Market Admins

21st ​October
Grey Market Launched

19th ​October
Fake Tor Browser Steals Bitcoin from Russian Darkweb Users

17th ​October
Avaris Market Launched

12th ​October
Avior Market Launched

4th ​October
Berlusconi's Market Admins Have Disappeared

2nd ​October
Tochka Market Exit Scams

27th ​September
HugBunter's Deadman has been Switched

15th ​September
CannaHome Market Launched

6th ​September
Belarusian Authorities Seized XakFor Hacking Forum

3rd ​September
DarkBay Launched

25th ​August
Big Blue Market Launched

22nd ​August
White House Market Launched

20th ​August
DEA Awards 130K Contract to Chainalysis to Track Cryptocurrency

19th ​August
Admin of Deutschland im Deep Web Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

24th ​July
Nightmare Market Exit Scams

13th July
Monopoly Market Launched

4th July
SamSara Market Launched

19th June
Libertas Market Shuts Down Due to 'Lack of Use' on I2P

13th June
Authorities Arrest Three Suspected Admins of France's Biggest Darkweb Market

9th June
U.S. Police Launch their Own Tor Site for Darkweb Vendor Busts

3rd June
LocalBitcoins Disables Cash for Bitcoin Transactions

3rd June
Yellow Brick Market Has Returned

28th May
Bitcoin Blender Announces Shutdown

25th May
Raddle, Like Reddit, Killed the Darknetmarkets Subforum

23rd May
Libertas Market is Available Via I2P

23rd May
Dutch Police Seize Bitcoin Tumbler ""

14th May
CGMC Silently Shut Down

10th May
Reddit is Blocking 15% of Tor Exit Relays

9th May Shuts Down

7th May
International Law Enforcement Seizes DeepDotWeb and Arrests Admin

3rd May
Europol Announces the Takedown of Valhalla Market

2nd May
German Law Enforcement Seize Wallstreet Market

30th April
Dream Market is Shutting Down

21st April
Wallstreet Market Exit Scams

6th April
Gangsta's Paradise Forum Shut Down by Dread

April - Estimate
Yellow Brick Market Launched

April - Estimate
Cryptonia Market Launched


2nd ​December
Phishkingz, Darknet Market Phisher Announces Retirement

7th ​November
Law Enforcement Decrypt IronChat

28th ​October
The Grams Replacement, Masterlist, Launched

23rd ​October
Nightmare Market Launched

4th September
Olympus Market Exit Scams

17th June
Black Hand Forum Seized by Police

29th May
Dread Relaunched

15th April
German Police Bust Child Abuse Site, Elysium

5th April
Elude Launches Its Monero Exchange

30th March
Apollon Market Launched

27th March
Reddit Bans Darknetmarkets Subreddit

24th March
Cannazon Market Launched

​January - Estimate
Empire Market Launched


5th July
AlphaBay Has Been Seized

16th May
Outlaw Market Gets Hacked and Shuts Down

May - Estimate Launched


22nd October
TheRealDeal Market Shuts Down

19th October
Wallstreet Market Launched


6th September
Agora Market Shuts Down

July - Estimate
Dark0de Forum has Been Seized

28th April
East India Company Launched

9th April
TheRealDeal Market Launched

18th March
Evolution Market Exit Scams

2015 - Estimate
Hydra Market Launched


22nd December
AlphaBay Launched

19th April
Tochka Market Launched

9th March
Hansa Market Launched


29th December
Outlaw Market Launched

3rd December
Agora Market Launched

29th November
A Vendor Steals $6 Million From Sheep Marketplace

15th November
Dream Market Launched

1st October
Silk Road has Been Seized


April - Estimate
The Farmer's Market has Been Seized


31st January
Silk Road Launched


2010 - Estimate
The Farmer's Market Moved To Tor